Microsoft really makes Zune-phone

May 3, 2008, 4:16 am

microsoft really makes zune-phone   The recent change in the working strategy Microsoft, ozvuchennoe Balmerom Steve (Steve Ballmer), led the journalists once again recall the hearsay associated with the issuance of the first mobile phone from the famous company.
Microsoft quite a long time working with manufacturers smartphones, supplying them with OS Windows Mobile, but has not yet released such apparatus. Meanwhile, some experience in producing and promoting their own entertainment products available from the company. Zune was not the most successful project, while Xbox 360 has become a real hit in the U. S. , successfully competing with such a huge thing as the PlayStation 3 from Sony.
According to some experts, Microsoft is indeed working on Zune-phone, which should become a competitor iPhone. Alleged new device will produce with a special version of Windows Mobile 7. Its main features are related to services Windows Live. Phone promise to equip touch screen with multi-touch.


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