Microsoft:in the IT-sector will soon come a time of great opportunities

November 17, 2008, 5:36 pm

   In an exclusive comments from Microsoft for our publication on the current market situation made many positive notok. In particular, the corporation saw increased attention to high-technology products that streamline business and other activities.
In assessing the current situation, the representative of the corporation was logical view that larger companies with diversified interests in the market is much easier to survive this period than small. Investment policies of companies around the world held more thoughtfully and carefully. For most Microsoft priority now is to support its partners and customers, which are still important way of a joint search for ways of development and planning of future investment projects. In particular, this is a series of measures to promote affiliate networks, training, development of new licensing schemes and credit and a number of other complex actions.
- We offer business solutions that meet their main requirements (reducing time and cost, increase efficiency of business processes) and the latest market trends - this is virtualization, optimization and standardization of business infrastructure. When talking about the near term, the IT-sector will soon come a time of great opportunities for successful startups whose business is based on developing a unique technology market. These companies will have a very high investment attractiveness - the report said.
With regard to other major IT-companies - manufacturers, they generally assess the situation as fairly quiet. Among the negative aspects, many have noted the costs and a reduction in the company of a number of investment options. There is a snag and advertising budgets for next year. It is obvious that in most cases they will decrease, but the exact figures yet, no one calls. Therefore there was some uncertainty is the principal negative factor today. However long stay in this state is not possible, and with the resources and desire (and both have many big companies there) surge of activity is expected in February, when the vector of development of the market situation becomes more apparent.


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