Microsoft stopped development of a mobile browser, Deepfish

October 6, 2008, 9:02 pm

microsoft stopped development of a mobile browser, deepfish   Microsoft has announced its decision to cease development of its own browser for mobile phones, known as Deepfish. The browser was developed for the platform Windows Mobile. He worked in conjunction with the servers, Microsoft, which passed the contents of web pages in the phone user.
Microsoft first announced that work on this project in 2007, but the actual development began in 2006. About how many people used the Deepfish, unknown, but unlikely that number was very high because the message on the drawdown of the development of the browser, Microsoft appeared on a blog in mid-August, but not attracted public attention to the extent as recently not written news sites.
In contrast to Microsoft, other companies leading the market brauzerostroeniya, is engaged in the development of promising browser for mobile devices. For example, Opera Software is constantly improving its web browser Opera Mini, and Mozilla has recently promised to release a mobile version of Firefox, known under the code name Fennec, by 2010.


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