Miniature lens will restore vision

April 4, 2009, 7:11 am

miniature lens will restore vision   Miniature lens implanted in the human eye, allowing people who have lost their sight due to retinal damage, look at the world through the eyes of a healthy individual. The need for these devices today is extremely high - in the U. S. each year such devices would help restore the eyesight of tens of thousands of people. Most devices will be in demand among the elderly, where the degradation of the yellow spot - an area the highest visual acuity in the retina. It is this area allows us to concentrate the mind on a certain subject, while the rest of the cornea of the eye responsible for peripheral vision.
It is clear that the damage of a critical component of human capacity for pattern recognition, reading books, watching videos is seriously hampered.
Implants, by staff Californian start VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies, represent an optical device consisting of two lenses, the prisoners in the miniature glass cylinder. Currently, the unit as a telephoto with a fixed focal length, but the main objective is to enhance the image machine, which now focuses on other areas of the retina of the eye. In other words, the role of high-yellow spots are not originally intended for this area of the eye.
So, an example of the developers of VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies shows how, using relatively simple technology can make significant progress in restoring sight. Of course, innovation requires an additional check on the absence of side effects on organs, but preliminary studies indicate that the miniature lens allows, if not fully restored, it significantly improve vision.


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