Miraculous trailer Resident Evil 5 from Tokyo

October 14, 2008, 3:43 pm

miraculous trailer resident evil 5 from tokyomiraculous trailer resident evil 5 from tokyo 
miraculous trailer resident evil 5 from tokyo   At the Tokyo Game show was presented fresh trailer Resident Evil 5. Exciting spectacle. It is not just talk about the storyline tie (biological weapons Umbrella Corporation began using the terrorists), but also show the main actors. And by the end of movie begins natural drama of Family music. Just creep under the skin. Apparently, Capcom followed the modern trends in creating trailers and intends to seriously pereplyunut DICE and Ubisoft at this stage.
If you have this wonderful little video, you can see many other spots Resident Evil 5, which has recently been shown in Japan. Particular attention is drawn to trips into the cave.
Resident Evil 5 released in 2009 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
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