Mobile phone 2012 version Ericsson

November 8, 2008, 6:27 am

mobile phone 2012 version ericssonmobile phone 2012 version ericssonmobile phone 2012 version ericssonmobile phone 2012 version ericsson 
mobile phone 2012 version ericsson   The Swedish company Ericsson AG recently held an interesting press conference, during which spoke to reporters plans for the further development of its mobile technology until 2012. Allows you to join us at least a little time to plunge into the future years.
As noted in the area of mobile communications most interesting and innovative technologies such as HSPA Evolution, which is the heiress of modern HSPA, as well as advanced LTE (Long Term Evolution), capable of speeds of about hundreds of megabits per second. Ericsson intends to actively work towards the development and promotion of both technologies, in particular, designed built-ins, equipment for base stations and other products.
In the event the company presented a conceptual model for the future of mobile terminal, which was conditionally named as a mobile device in 2012 (mobile device in 2012). According to this model, mobile phones within four years will be equipped with cameras with resolutions from 12 to 20 Megapixels, and will be able to hold video format Full HD. A typical display futuristicheskogo phone will be allowed XGA (1024x768 pixels). Note today are mobile devices with nearly the same resolution, for example, the phone Sharp AQUOS 931SH, so the widespread introduction of XGA in the not too distant future we see is real.
The processor is a conceptual device operates at 1 GHz. The telecommunications portion includes support data transfer rate of 100 Mbps, or even higher.
Of course, the transition to innovation, as in other industries, will be gradual, phased. Currently, the technology is HSPA-speed data transfer up to 7, 2 Mbps. Throughout the world, according to Ericsson, there are now 59 commercial 7, 2-Mbit/s HSPA-networks, 38 of which, incidentally, use the solutions of Swedish manufacturer. On the world market are invited about 805 models of HSPA-terminals, which are represented by one hundred and twenty-nine different developers.
HSPA Evolution, enhanced version of HSPA, will begin its march to peace, at best, by the end of this year, or later. Its key difference will be increased a maximum data transfer rate, which reaches from 21 to 42 Mbps. By the year 2013 may appear LTE Advanced, offering speeds around 1 Gbps.
As the representative of Ericsson Lansted Jonas (Jonas Lundstedt), the technology W-CDMA, which could provide the speed of all 384 kbit/s, appeared in 2002. During those six years we have seen amazing progress in the industry, resulting in speed networks has grown almost 20 times, and after the introduction of HSPA Evolution increase as early as 3-4 times or more !
We believe that the pace of introducing new technologies will be extremely uneven in different corners of our planet. For example, Japan`s first LTE network with data transfer speeds of 250 Mbps can start as early as 2010, while in some developing countries, even HSPA can still remain a dream at that time.


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