Mobile platform Capella - the next stage in the development of Intel Centrino

July 1, 2008, 9:19 am

   Not yet finished work on Intel Centrino mobile platform 2 - only in autumn is scheduled to make a supplement in the form of wireless communications module WiMAX, a leading global chipmeyker already begun preparations for the production of next-generation Intel Centrino, received code Capella. It is envisaged that mobile computers on the market-based Capella will appear in the third quarter of 2009.
Thus, Intel will force users to wait for the emergence of new notebooks for more than a year, but the new generation of mobile computers will be seriously different from modern. Indeed, the main feature of the platform Capella will jump to use processor architecture Nehalem, which means the abandonment of traditional circuit processor - the northern bridge - a bridge south, and much of the logic functions of the system will be vested in the central processor integrated circuits. Moreover, one chip will be less - chipset will include a single microchip Ibex Peak-M, reports the Taiwanese online resource DigiTimes citing local producers motherboards.
It should pay particular attention to the systemic logic Ibex Peak-M, supporting work with mobile processors Clarksfield and Auburndale, equipped with integrated controller RAM standard DDR3. Besides, Auburndale will be equipped with integrated graphics and even the nucleus - a clear competitor draft AMD Fusion.
With regard to support for wireless data transmission technology, the company Intel is preparing two versions of the modules - Puma Peak, which supports Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, and WiMAX-module Kilmer Peak.
Thus, we can say that the mobile platform Capella will be probably the most revolutionary change in the design of mobile personal computers. Here are the two trends at once - the transition to the use of processors with integrated memory controller and the beginning of the use of highly integrated chips equipped with, among other things, and even graphic kernel. Undoubtedly, this will lead to substantially reduce power consumption system, and thus to increase the time an autonomous work laptops. Not to mention the ability to create a much more compact system that will be characterized by performance, comparable to full-fledged laptops.


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