Mobile version of Firefox Fennec for Windows Mobile

February 13, 2009, 2:06 pm

mobile version of firefox fennec for windows mobile   Community HTC Touch Pro or other similar mobile devices that are running Windows Mobile can be accessed with one of the first pre-release alpha version of mobile browser, Firefox, known as Fennec. The developers have warned that much still not implemented properly, so expect miracles from Milestone Release is not yet worth it. The mechanism responsible for the renewal application is already running, so that those who decide to try out Fennec, will receive notification of new versions. But support for extensions that still had to disable because it is still being developed.
As for the other assemblies, walked on the network, they are not intended for public use, as are the developer and use them in Mozilla not advised, because they are much less stable than the Milestone Release. Why HTC Touch Pro ? Because the developers of this version is imprisoned by its features and Display. Also, there is no keyboard support for the program, so that the set of addresses to use sliding QWERTY-keyboard. Download Fennec Milestone Release can link ftp://ftp. 11. en-US. wince-arm. cab


• fennec .cab
• fennec window mobile .cab
• qwerty
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