Molecule Computer:supercomputer based on 10 thousand kernels Atom

November 20, 2008, 8:55 am

   Recently, one of the hottest topics were supervychislitelnye system. Not long ago, we discussed the latest edition of TOP500 rankings and new advances in AMD on the ATI Stream Computing, talked about personal supercomputers Tesla Personal Supercomputer, as producers again reluctant to report their new developments in this direction.
interesting solution presented the company Silicon Graphics. Her idea is to create energy-efficient supercomputers and presented as a conceptual model, called the Molecule Concept Computer.
Silicon Graphics has shown that, thanks to its proprietary technology cooling Kelvin cooling technology can be combined in a single rack up to ten of thousands of processor cores. Incidentally, it is not expensive server chips, but the cost processors in consumer segments, such as Intel Atom.
The conceptual system SGI has the following features:

  • The high level of parallelism - 20 thousand executive flows, which at 40 times greater than that of a typical server rack-based x86 chips;
  • The high bandwidth memory - 15 Tb/s, which is 20 times greater than that of the server racks;
  • The best balance of performance - three times better bandwidth memory to the number of operations performed per second;
  • The high efficiency - about 3, 5 times higher compared with the usual odnostoechnoy system;
  • High levels of energy efficiency - through the use of low-voltage processors and memory, the ratio of bandwidth to memory watt failed to increase in 7 times;
  • The high density placement of components - achieved through innovative technology Kelvin cooling technology;
  • flexibility in the choice of operating environment - there is the possibility of using not only standard solutions based on Linux, but some options for OS family Windows.
Silicon Graphics claims that its conceptual system is able to provide such computing power and memory bandwidth, which is equivalent to 750 computers to class High-End. However, as noted by the developers, Molecule Computer will consume half the electricity and occupy approximately 71 times less space !
But that is all concept and what it will turn out in practice ? Sami developers have not yet been called even approximate dates of entry of such systems.


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