Monsters against newcomers:Apogee 3D capabilities, and IT

April 10, 2009, 2:31 pm

monsters against newcomers:apogee 3d capabilities, and itmonsters against newcomers:apogee 3d capabilities, and it 
monsters against newcomers:apogee 3d capabilities, and it   Recently appeared on the screens of cinemas 3D-film Monsters against the aliens have already received thousands of positive feedback as film critics, and spectators. To achieve the visual effects of three-dimensional animation for the cartoon studio DreamWorks Animation has revised its production cycle and has created special tools that will allow artists to take full advantage of the format of 3D. All this was possible, including, thanks to HP workstations, blade servers, HP ProLiant, which allow consistent with the ever growing requirements of the new generation of three-dimensional movies.
In the creation of the movie Monsters against newcomers spent more than 40 million hours. This is eight times higher than in the creation of the cartoon Shrek and almost twice as long as it takes to Kung Fu Pandy.
HP Technology enabled studio DreamWorks Animation to use the maximum number of mobile cameras in its history. At the shooting monsters to aliens used a few hundred workstations, HP xw8600, as well as the most ambitious and powerful server farm in the history of the DreamWorks Animation.
Stereofilmy imply the creation of two different images for left and right eyes. This means that the requirements for the Monster to the newcomers were at least two times higher than its predecessors nestereofonicheskim.
are invited to refer to the interesting facts of the shooting cartoons:
  • at the time of the monsters created about 100 terabytes of disk space for data storage;
  • handled more than 30 episodes on performance through a single computer would have lasted more than 1000 years;
  • played one of the most difficult from a technical point of view episodes - a panoramic view of the city with buildings, hills and trees. In this plot the image of trees in the background had to split the more than 300 layers;
  • shot explosion in one of the battle scenes, which took more than three terabytes of disk space.

Thanks to modern technology was able to work together artists in different studios in the cities of Glendale and Redwood, California, at a distance of approximately 500 kilometers from each other. The means for interactive communication in distance as the HP Halo telepresence system, and for HP Remote Graphics.


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