In Moscow, almost 18 thousand Wi-Fi hot spots

October 15, 2008, 2:29 pm

in moscow, almost 18 thousand wi-fi hot spots 
in moscow, almost 18 thousand wi-fi hot spots   Now known analytical company J son Partners presented the results of the updated study the Russian market for Wi-Fi. Thus, according to JP, the number of public hot spots in Russia for the first half of 2008 amounted to 17 730. Moscow is still the leader in terms of the number of public access points. Currently in Moscow operates 16, 046 access points, representing 90% of the total number of access points in Russia.
Leader of Moscow market are:draft BeeLine Wi-Fi, MTS (Taxco and Comstar UTS), the project Yandex Wi-Fi and Stelkom. The project is now BeeLine Wi-Fi has about 15, 000 access points, one more than 14500 represent urban network access to the Internet and link more than 98 thousand in Russia. The remaining 556 access points located in public places in Moscow.
Over the past three years the Russian market for Wi-Fi has demonstrated strong growth and increasingly penetrates the regions, although the capital performance is still very far away. Total online federal districts (not including Moscow and St. Petersburg), there are 1, 411 public access points.
As for the performance of other regions, about 1, 5% of the Russian market for Wi-Fi are co-Siberian and Central (excluding Moscow) District, on 1, 6 and 0%, 6% of the market are in the Far East and Ural districts, respectively, 0, 3% - Northwest District (without St. Petersburg) and 1% - Southern District.
Pot to JP, for the moment the spread of Wi-Fi hamper 2 factors:the relative expensiveness of devices that support standard Wi-Fi, and low interest subscribers to use Wi-Fi services. The second factor has been gradually moving away to second place. The leaders of the number of hot spots in the first half of 2008 are the following regions:Volga Federal District (518), Far Eastern Federal District (290), Siberian Federal District (189) and the Southern Federal District (183).
JP expects continued growth in the number of hot spots in the regions. For example, new access points will be actively put into operation in major cities of Southern and Far Eastern federal district, Urals, Siberian and Volga federal district will not rise so high, but steady pace. Central and North-West Federal District, lagging at the moment, in the next year or two will grow modestly and gradually increasing the pace of growth.


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