In Moscow hosted a conference for web developers Microsoft ReMIX09

April 21, 2009, 9:21 pm

in moscow hosted a conference for web developers microsoft remix09   April 20, 2009 in Moscow a conference Microsoft ReMIX09, where the latest technology for web developers, web designers and active Internet users. The event was made by the Director General of Microsoft Steve Balmer.
his report Steve Balmer dedicated to the modern Microsoft web platform and its capabilities. Balmer spoke about new opportunities and development of technologies such as Silverlight and Internet Explorer 8, and tools of Visual Studio and Expression Studio. Highlighted key opportunities and the Windows Server Platform Windows Azure cloud computing for a wide range of modern web. There have also been examples of the use of these technologies to the world-famous projects, such as broadcast last Olympic Games in Beijing and the forthcoming Olympic Games in Vancouver.
At the conference, Steve Balmer has held discussions with Dmitry Grishin, CEO of Mail. Ru. During the meeting discussed the main priorities in the development of Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 8 and Silverlight 3 possibilities of technology for a wide range of modern Internet scenarios. The discussion also touched upon the development and popularity of Internet resources in Russia and in the world, including the ability for developers to explore and utilize new technologies. Steve Balmer and Dmitry Grishin also responded to questions raised by the Internet audience, raised during the discussion at the conference site.
During the speech, Steve Balmer also said Russian examples of the introduction of new technologies Microsoft. Among them:the implementation of all types of Internet extensions in Internet Explorer 8 portal Mail. Ru;opening of one of the biggest video portals RuTube site testing technology dynamically adaptable to the bandwidth streaming video using Silverlight, and the expansion of Smooth Streaming based on Windows Server;as well as providing a wide range of hosting services and free templates ready solutions Infoboks, one of the largest hosting providers.
The conference was shown a number of other projects:the first in Russia the experimental introduction of new technology Silverlight 3 Bibigosha portal. Roux to realize the scenario of the outside of the Internet browser, an integrated online solution for playback of video on the site Actio. tv, implementation of visual search functionality of Internet Explorer 8 for the popular service MoyKrug company Yandex. The site ReMIX catalog web sites, operating on the platform of Windows.
The conference was also announcing a new joint project between Microsoft and Headhunter. ru - Learn. Work. Affiliate. The objective of this project - to offer IT professionals not only have free online learning materials, but also to assist in finding a decent place in the labor market. After a series of trainings on the TechDays. ru, a summary of the candidate automatically gets a special status in the IT-Headhunter. ru, Microsoft and includes information about the list of recommended specialists for their largest customers and partners in Russia.
ReMIX - this is primarily an online conference. Each registered user can look at the key reports that have been recorded during the online broadcast of the General Information Sponsor event - TV News. Proceedings of the conference - presentations, online courses, interviews with representatives of Russian companies and web developers of Russian-speaking from the headquarters of Microsoft - are already available on the website www. remix. ru.
After completion of the conference site will be the outcome of the contest images on web technologies. In May will be declared the winners and most active participants in the creation of supplements (web snippets, accelerators, and visual search) for Internet Explorer 8. In an online vote on the project is open to everyone, after which the competent jury will determine the best of the best credit rating works.


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