The most realistic holographic system of PeopleVision

November 13, 2008, 6:16 am

the most realistic holographic system of peoplevision 
the most realistic holographic system of peoplevision   The exhibition Association of the United States Army 2008, held last month in Washington, the U. S. military command stand young company PeopleVision presented the most realistic at this time holographic system.
Visitors to the exhibition noted that distinguish PeopleVision hologram of a living person is virtually impossible - so realistic picture displayed on the monitor system. As a test bench was presented to several two-briefings with holograms representatives of the U. S. Armed Forces Command.
Unfortunately, specifications and design a new system which could potentially replace the live briefings, yet kept in the strictest secrecy. It also remained a secret the size and weight of the system, as well as the exhibition it is part of a 25-meter booth.
It is a popular and practical in use will be holographic system of PeopleVision show time, as long as it is represented by only a single copy.


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