The most subtle in the industry MOSFET-transistors from Sanyo

April 5, 2009, 6:26 pm

the most subtle in the industry mosfet-transistors from sanyo   The company Sanyo Electric is preparing to release the unique field MOSFET-transistors, which will vary the smallest dimensions in the industry. Compared with previous generation products, new items are 66% smaller area and 56% less thickness.
In absolute terms the area of new semiconductor devices is 1 × 1, 4 mm and thickness - total 0, 37 mm. As noted by Sanyo, this very thin in the industry MOSFET-transistors. Another feature of the new transistors is a small mass. They weigh about 1 mg, ie 86% lighter predecessors. New focus for use in mobile phones and other handheld devices.
To reduce the dimensions of their transistors Sanyo applied the so-called"up-drain"structure that allows for the source, drain and gate on one side of the crystal, and the chip is placed in the CSP-package (Chip Scale Package, with a corpus size of the crystal ). In the previous generation transistor drain is placed on the back of the crystal.
Other manufacturers also presented their solutions to the"up-drain"structure. According to Sanyo, its transistors are different from competitors` products the best in the industry resistance in the open, despite the tiny dimensions. For p-transistors, resistance of 50 IOM, for n-transistors - 27 IOM (at gate 4, 5).
Sanyo will release two models of transistors with a p-channel type, and one model with the channel n-type. Shipments of samples to start the first of May, but mass production is scheduled for July 2009.


• Sanyo chip scale package
• Sanyo smallest mosfet
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