Motorola expands team to develop guglofona

September 30, 2008, 12:35 pm

   Last week the official presentation software platform Android and the first phone based on its T-Mobile G1. So far, forums and sites dedicated to wireless technology, to the novelty riveted special attention, because this is the only officially submitted guglofon, which is already very soon will be on sale. But other manufacturers, members of the Open Handset Alliance, is also not dremlyut and is actively working on its version of guglofona.
serious preparations for the release of phone-based Google Android holds the company Motorola. It was recently learned from informal sources, her team to develop guglofona, with at the moment about 50 people, will soon be expanded to 350 developers. Such a move Motorola is no surprise, since she recently switched to serious Linux-phones, as the case in other segments of the mobile industry it is not very good.


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