Motorola is preparing a smartphone based on Android

October 23, 2008, 2:10 pm

motorola is preparing a smartphone based on android   Motorola engineers are working on creating its own model of smartphone, running the operating system Android. According to BusinessWeek, the new device is equipped with a touch screen, as the iPhone, sliding QWERTY-keyboard and a mass of any social opportunities, which should please the widest range of users. As for the design, the more likely it will be similar to the recent Krave ZN4.
The last two months, Motorola shows specifications and images of many devices for operators. Presumably, the premiere of Staff held in the U. S. during the second quarter of 2009. Using the new device the company is trying to re-check the profitability of their unit for the production of mobile phones. That is why the company decided to make their product more interesting to a wide range of buyers. Smartphone allows you to quickly establish contact with the social networks Facebook and MySpace, covering a huge number of friends and acquaintances.
Studies show that next year these services become a hit mainly among people aged 16 to 34 years. Analysts from Informa, suggest that the number of participants in such networks by 2012 to grow by 23%. So Motorola is timely made with this initiative. We hope that the company did not uspeet obankrotitsya before the release of a mysterious machine.


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