Motorola:regular reorganization

May 3, 2008, 7:17 am

   Motorola will provide three tracks from his unit of network equipment and solutions to homes in order to concentrate on sectors with growth potential.
Now the unit, headed by Denis Moloni (Dan Moloney), will include offices of broadband solutions for homes, means of broadband access equipment and cellular networks. It brought $ 2, 4 billion revenue in the first quarter, supplying equipment telephone companies and cable television networks for various mediaservisov.
Originally reorganized branch Motorola has diverse activities, producing modems and network equipment, cable system infrastructure for voice and data. Reorganization guarantees that a unit of network equipment and solutions for homes will remain alive, focused and perfectly built structure to realize their potential, they say in the company.
In March it was announced that in 2009 the company will be divided into two independent organizations - unit production of mobile phones will be separated from the rest of the company.


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