Motorola VC6096:WM-communicator weight of 2, 2 kg

October 11, 2008, 5:41 pm

motorola vc6096:wm-communicator weight of 2, 2 kg   For the first time looking at the new Communicator Motorola VC6096, it might seem that this is one of the oldest models of laptop computers last century. Indeed, against the backdrop of modern light and very compact thin device invention Motorola looks awkwardly. But it is not intended for everyday wearing of pants or shirt pockets. As the producer, VC6096 is a mobile computer, which is mounted in the passenger car is a solid secure shell and is aimed at professionals working in the field of transport and logistics.
Novelty is a universal solution to organize a collection of critical data, such as mileage car, its location, duration of operation, the time of shipment and arrival. Integrated GPS-module helps select the optimal route and did not stray from the path. Also apparatus VC6096 a broad communications capabilities that will allow drivers to always be in touch with the operators and dispatchers.
The characteristics of Motorola VC6096:
  • The operating system is Windows Mobile 6. 1 Professional;
  • processor XScale PXA270 (624 MHz);
  • 128 MB of RAM;
  • 256 MB of flash memory;
  • Jack for SD cards with capacity up to 2 gigabytes;
  • 6, 5-inch screen with a resolution of 640x480 pixels;
  • QWERTY keyboard;
  • GPS-receiver SiRF Star II GSC3ef/LP;
  • wireless network adapter Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth 2. 0;
  • work in the networks of GSM, 3G, HSDPA;
  • Dimensions:24, 2h23, 5h4, 95 cm;
  • Weight:2, 2 kg.


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