MP3 player Digma MP600:small and orange

April 21, 2009, 6:32 pm

mp3 player digma mp600:small and orange 
mp3 player digma mp600:small and orange   Press Service Digma recently announced appearance in the near future on the market a new miniature MP3 player Digma MP600 with a set of basic capabilities to play MP3 audio files and WMA.
The miniature size (44, 2x30x12, 7 mm) and light weight (12 g) make the player in the everyday accessory, a comfortable and easy to administer. Digma MP600 will fit in any pocket, but handy clip will help secure the device to fix the dress. Switch power on the brink of a thin shell player, and 5 main buttons allow you to control playback of music tracks, navigate to the neighboring files, fast rewind within a song, adjust the volume.
Thanks convex buttons, all functions can be performed to the touch, not removing the device from his pocket. Built in lithium-ion battery provides the device within 5-7 hours.
The player comes with a memory of 2 or 4 GB.


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