MP3-players make people deaf

October 16, 2008, 1:39 pm

mp3-players make people deaf   If you are still not got a portable audio player, then perhaps you did not even worth thinking about this acquisition. The Western team of experts from the Committee for the identification of new risks to hearing claims that users of portable music devices seriously impair one`s health ! According to their figures regularly playing music at high volume at a young age can have very unpleasant far-reaching consequences, up to a full hearing loss. And enough to listen to the player at high volume for five hours per week to over time felt the dire consequences in the form of hearing loss.
These concerns of ordinary Americans are forced to go to court. A resident of Louisiana filed a lawsuit against the company Apple, accusing the company that it did not go on taking steps to neutralize the problem among the owners of iPod. One of the main requirements of the plaintiff - the release of software updates, which would have banned playing music on your player, with volume of over 100 decibels, as well as headphones, which would have blocked all outside noise.
The initiators of the new report also said that music can disturb perform various tasks related to intellectual activities, as well as distract people while driving.


• mp3s making people deaf
• mp3 players make peolpe deaf
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