Mp3DirectCut 2. 11:Cutting audio without any loss

April 14, 2009, 1:45 pm

mp3directcut 2. 11:cutting audio without any loss   The new version of the program, which enables cutting of MP3-files without crossclamping and thus, without loss of quality. The program also has some useful tools for the music lover. For example, if you have to cut the end of the recording, you can use the option of attenuation for the composition does not break off abruptly, but gradually tail away in the last seconds. Easy to use tool for normalizing sound, which will help tighten the volume to the desired level or, conversely, to make the sound quieter. Finally, merit a tool to automatically detect pauses between tracks. This feature can be useful to cut long audio recordings (eg, an entire album that was saved with one file) into individual tracks.
The latest version added a window for the batch processing of files, fixes a bug that appeared when trying to pre-listen, updated language modules.
Developer:Martin Pesch Distribution:free Operating system:Windows All Size 208 Kb Download from here you can.


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