MSI:Two alternative models of Radeon HD 4870 with 90-mm fan

February 6, 2009, 9:28 am

msi:two alternative models of radeon hd 4870 with 90-mm fan 
msi:two alternative models of radeon hd 4870 with 90-mm fan   Hard temperature accelerators Radeon HD 4850 and HD 4870 has already become a byword. Many knowledgeable buyers give preference to models with an alternative design, in the hope that the modified cooling system provides a friendly graphic cards working temperature. Thanks to the company Micro-Star International (MSI) and the already wide range of such decisions has become even richer. Taiwan manufacturer officially announced the release of two original accelerators based on the AMD Radeon HD 4870. In the company`s product line are listed as R4870-MD512, and R4870-MD1G. In the encrypted names of models the main difference between graphics cards - different amounts of memory.
The responsibility lies with the cooling of VGA-cooler, which consists of three aluminum radiators, which are connected into a coherent whole by means of two heat pipes. Reason radiator in contact with the surface of the graphic chip, made of copper. In the center is the fan diameter of 90 mm, which can rotate at speeds of up to 2800 rpm. Reported that the fan is able to drive through the radiator to 56 cu. feet of air per minute, which in metric units is equivalent to 1, 59 cu. meter. In addition, developers are reminded that most modern graphics cards equipped with the fans of smaller diameter (80 mm) and with greater speed (~ 3500-3800 rpm). In this case, their air flow does not exceed 35 cubic meters. ft (0, 99 cu. m).
According to the manufacturer, its new cooling system copes well with its task and has a fairly quiet operation. Proof of high performance VGA-cooler is that the operating temperature of graphic chip cards MSI R4870-MD512, and R4870-MD1G about 20 degrees lower than that of products with standard design. With regard to the power of food chains, they provide a high radiator. Memory chips left unrefrigerated, forcing them to dissipate most of the available heat through the printed circuit board.
a separate line of press-service of MSI notes application quality electronic components. Solid capacitors are designed for 5000 hours of operation at a temperature of 105 C # 730, which is equivalent to 10 years of service when used for 8 hours a day. Moreover, a temporary life of capacitors is doubled while lowering the operating temperature of 10 C # 730;. It is also reported that in the circuits feeding the new video card installed the coil inductance Class SSC (Solid State Choke), which unlike traditional throttle is not prone to the problem of the appearance of unwanted noise in the audible range.
One may assume, a set of video outputs in models of MSI R4870-MD512, and R4870-MD1G satisfy the demands of most users. On the back of the accelerator Taiwanese engineers installed analog output D-Sub and digital DVI port and HDMI. I want to believe that the new items do not delay on the path of the conveyor to the plant shelves of computer stores.


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