MSolar - solar briefcase at 300 W

April 23, 2009, 11:41 am

msolar - solar briefcase at 300 w   What a large number of mobile user is surrounded by a contemporary, more actual for the problem of feeding the whole farm away from the wall outlet. The next option offers the company Solzar - portable solar power MSolar. Source darmovoy energy is made in a case in which the folding solar panels, inverter at 220 volts and sealed lead-acid batteries.
Of course, that such a solution is not compact, and easy call, but the output characteristics are impressive. The manufacturer promises output power suitcase from 200 to 350 W, while being fully charged battery is built of 10 hours (at maximum sunlight). It seems that the station can provide a range of catering equipment from a mobile phone and camera to the laptop or TV. Naturally, the use of lead-acid storage effect on the weight station. Camaya younger model MSolar (20 W), weighs 15 kilograms, a 350-Watt monster - has the whole 54 kg. The cost models as well differentiated and are not attractive - from $ 680 to $ 2450.


• MSolar suitcase
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