Multichannel Acoustics Jetbalance JB-671

February 18, 2009, 11:06 am

multichannel acoustics jetbalance jb-671   Jetbalance recently submitted a floor speaker system Jetbalance JB-671, you can create a music center, the manager at once all sources of signal in the same room (computer, DVD - or MP3-player).
The main feature of the acoustic system Jetbalance JB-671 is a rich set of input connectors:3 analog stereo inputs, 1 input for analog channel 5. 1 (6 connectors) and two digital (coaxial and optical). In the subwoofer is integrated decoder of digital signal that supports standard Dolby Digital and DTS. Control all connected audio sources using the included remote control walking.
The subwoofer and satellites are made of wood. The model can be installed next to the monitor or any other equipment without fear of interference. Resonant vibrations of sound are minimized. The system provides a high level.
Specifications Jetbalance JB-671:
  • Output power (RMS) - 115 W;
  • Frequency Range - 30 Hz - 20 kHz;
  • Sound pressure level - 100 dB;
  • The ratio of signal to noise ratio ->= 70 dB
  • 3 inputs AUX1, AUX2, AUX3;
  • 1 analog input 5. 1 - 6 RCA;
  • 1 digital electric log;
  • 1 digital optical input;
  • Dimensions of the front satellite speakers - 145 x 813 x 170 mm;
  • Dimensions central satellites 352 x 101 x 118 mm;
  • Dimensions rear satellites - 130 x 193 x 134 mm;
  • Subwoofer - 215 x 332 x 380 mm.
The model is already in retail sales. Promoting the product in Russia is the company MERLION. Recommended retail price Jetbalance JB-671 is 8800 rubles.


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