Music of the hard disk or a sound system for the iPhone from the hard drive

April 17, 2009, 10:42 am

music of the hard disk or a sound system for the iphone from the hard drive   Love to find an unusual use of ordinary things is quite similar to the disease, but usually the result of this action is always respected. Probably, every computer owner has heard the voice of your hard disk - loud click, squeak, or other sound. Team pokovyryatsya lovers in an old iron from the Italian resource NerdNews looked at the problem from another angle and brought this speaker system from the old hard drive.
A few worn-out hard drives low-frequency amplifier and a couple of hours of work with the soldering iron, as a result we get a creative design that can cause grave envy and admiration of friends of friends. The sound in the audio system is easy to understand, reproduce the mechanism of positioning heads and goes on to sound. For more or less acceptable quality using frequency division sound signal to the hard drive of various form factors and vendors. Sami magnetic disks spinning in time with the low-frequency component and perform decorative.
We can assume that the following zapoyut Coolers computer.


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