Naletay ! Available razlochenny Android Dev Phone 1

December 8, 2008, 7:44 am

   Excellent news for developers of the project Android and everyone to get the first Android-phone T-Mobile G1, without annoying restrictions firmware operator T-Mobile. Google has announced the availability of phone Android Dev Phone 1 - razlochennoy at the hardware level version of G1 developer project Android.
The device comes with a copy of the system is fully compatible with Android 1. 0, you can use any SIM-card that guarantees the work of Android Dev Phone 1 outside the geographical coverage T-Mobile, and supports the possibility of new firmware builds Android through razlochennomu loader. Unlike the retail versions of the phone, loader version Android Dev Phone 1 does not insist on using a certified version of the operating system.
What should be done in order to become a developer, and thus be able to purchase razlochennogo Android Dev Phone 1 ? To do this you need to register as Android developer at the site of Android Market (if you have not done so before) - it will cost you $ 25, then you can click on the link Purchase and buy one device. This single device - the limit for each account registered developer.
now Android Dev Phone 1 will cost you $ 399, including free shipping to the U. S. , but buy it while residents may 18 countries including USA, UK, Germany, Japan, India, Canada, France, Taiwan, Spain, Australia , Singapore, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Poland and Hungary. Sales map promise to expand in the near future.
Of course, the site of the project has a warning that Android Dev Phone 1 - this device is not designed for end users who are not developers. In the sense that the possibility of random configure the system using software that is not supported and is not provided by Google or other authorized companies, given your own risk.
- Android Dev Phone 1 for Developers;- Android Market.


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