Nanochernila for printed circuit boards on the verge of introducing

June 9, 2008, 1:53 pm

   Companies Applied Nanotech Inc. Optomec and announced the joint development nanochernil aerosolization print electronic circuits with the help of printer technology M3D (Maskless Mesoscale Material Deposition).
Inkjet printer Optomec causing metal, semiconductor and insulating ink on any substrate. Thus he can reproduce the electric scheme even on an inexpensive flexible polymer film. The printer is designed for rapid prototyping of new devices and short production period, while printed electronics ready for the emergence of consumer electronics at the end of this year, according to IDTechEx Ltd. The technology now is used in solar panels, connecting cards and radio frequency identification labels.
Most of the ink-jet printing is done on the basis of silver, which are expensive copper nanochernil. The ordinary copper ink consists of particles larger than 250 nanometers and require annealing at a temperature of 218 ° C. Applied Nanotech said that in their ink particles are size of 10 to 20 nm, and annealing temperature could be below 100 ° C.
To use the new system optimization required nanochernil dyuz. In doing so, Optomec worked over the direction of flow, moving head, for focusing their virtual CLC size of 10 microns. Offset heads on 5 mm from the substrate allowed to form a three-dimensional surface of electric circuits. Applied Nanotech, in turn, is already working on nanochernilami based on other materials, including carbon nanotubes.


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