NASA has launched a video from on board the ISS

March 13, 2009, 9:33 am

nasa has launched a video from on board the iss   In the hard times for the world economic downturn is not easy to account for, and research organizations receiving funds to develop their own projects from the state budget. But to get a cash security, to show not only the officials need to finance specific activities, but also to convince taxpayers that their money will be spent on useful public projects. In other words, the public should be interested in studies and experiments, including the exploration of outer space. A similar campaign in the steady state holds agency NASA, the latest draft of which was the direct and public broadcasting from the International Space Station.
The broadcast is one of the cameras onboard the ISS, and is available for viewing on the official website of the agency NASA. To a certain regret, to monitor the daily work carried out experiments, and just life astronauts will not be able to - being broadcast only in the hours of rest command station. That is, from 22 to 10 hours Moscow time. The rest of the time showing a special screensaver that allows to determine the position of the ISS on Earth at this time. In addition to a picture display of information on the latest developments.
However, NASA came from and not just the good news - yesterday evening it was reported on the preparation of cosmonauts for the emergency evacuation. The crew of the station as a matter of urgency has been forced to move aboard Soyuz spacecraft and prepare for a possible removing and returning to Earth. The point is that a serious danger to the ISS and the team of astronauts, space debris - the wreckage of one of the spacecraft (in this case we are not talking about the recent collision of two satellites), flying in the vicinity of the station, at a distance of about 4, 5 km. Satellite measurements, this distance is small, but exacerbates the difficulty of exactly calculating the path of debris.
Interesting fact - the size of fragment is only a few centimeters in diameter, but such a facility presents a serious danger to the station. His speed was estimated by experts at 10 km/s, equivalent to power a small car, traveling at speeds around 80 km/h. In this case, even a small object could seriously damage the integrity of the ISS building, causing a rapid depressurization, thereby creating a real danger to the crew.
The three astronauts, Mike Fincke (Mike Fincke), Yuri Lonchakov and Sandra Magnus (Sandra Magnus), moved aboard Soyuz vehicle, and were ready to urgently undertake removing. As the official representative of NASA, such measures are extremely rare, indicating a serious danger to the ISS.


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