Is nearing final of the competition Golden Site 2008

December 7, 2008, 6:42 am

is nearing final of the competition golden site 2008   Gold site - is a professional competition in the field of Internet technology, encouraging best resources companies, as well as stavyaschy a series of tasks aimed at improving the overall level of development Runet. 15 Dec, 2008 deadline for applications to participate in the contest Golden Site 2008.
The 10 th anniversary of the birth of the contest organizing committee has prepared the site of the Golden surprise - the Gold Cup website. In addition to standard annual voting process (winners of the competition are determined during the two-vote - expert advice and members of the jury), Organizing Committee established a prize - the Gold Cup website. During the Cup will fight the best sites nomination Classic, as well as other members of nominations. The winner will be determined by kubkovoy system, ie, with the final, semi-, quarter, etc. will be able to vote only registered on the site participants and experts enlisted by the Organizing Committee. Qualifying round of voting scheduled for December 25th, 2008
At the moment, more than 500 applications. A complete list of participants is available for registered users. Call for applications is 40 nominations for various industries. Applications are accepted in the seven federal districts of Russia. Title Sponsor - Rambler;general sponsor of the Internet - APORT;general partner - PC Magazine/Russian Edition;Partners:"3DNews", the magazine Computer Bild, Novye Izvestia newspaper, magazine Vebplaneta magazine Terminal Roux, TelNews, Rol. ru, Corbina. TV, Referat. ru, forSmi and others.


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