NEC has released a new 3, 5 LCD display for handheld devices

April 17, 2009, 4:49 pm

nec has released a new 3, 5 lcd display for handheld devices   The Japanese company NEC LCD Technologies announced the development of the new 3, 5-inch liquid-crystal panel NL2432HC22-45A type of semi-transmissive, which differs from the predecessors reflecting a significant improvement in properties.
New product designed for use in mobile terminals, PDAs, portable navigator. The display is characterized by the reflection coefficient 16% and the 20:1 contrast in reflective mode. In NL2432HC22-45A implemented proprietary technology of SR-NLT (Super-Reflective Natural Light TFT), which, together with a modification of the design of the panel has improved the characteristics of display module.
The new display has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, brightness of 100 nits, contrast 150:1 in vector mode. Viewing Angle Horizontal and vertical amount to 35 degrees, a typical response time in vector mode - 30 msec, reflective - 16 ms. The display shows more than 260 thousand colors. The total power consumption LCD panel and control circuit is about 50 mW.
Study samples NL2432HC22-45A has already been supplied to producers of mobile devices at a cost of $ 81 for one copy.


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