Neekstremalny mobile processor Intel conquer 3 GHz

February 18, 2009, 2:13 pm

neekstremalny mobile processor intel conquer 3 ghz   We have repeatedly convinced that, with a powerful graphics subsystem notebook should be a good processor support. It can be missed in FPS games. Of course, the processor is needed not only for games. The user is often faced with tasks that are required for its normal work of sufficient computing resources. At the moment, the mobile Intel processors the company one step ahead of AMD solutions in terms of productivity. In June processor giant is going to further consolidate its position, contact the fastest mobile chip.
Journalists resource reported the emergence of new mobile Core 2 Duo processors in early summer. All models will include a series of extreme chips. The most high will be Core 2 Duo T9900, which is the operating frequency of 3, 06 GHz. 1066 MHz system bus, while the L2 cache memory is 6 MB. Cost is $ 530. Why all ? The answer is simple. CPU Core 2 Extreme X9100 runs on the same frequency, but costs $ 851, although it has one important advantage compared to Core 2 Duo T9900.
Another interesting innovation will become a model of Core 2 Duo P8800, which will operate at a frequency of 2, 66 GHz, at a frequency of 1066 MHz system bus and the amount of L2 cache to 3 MB. Of course, with such characteristics of its value will be lower than that of the T9900, but it is $ 241.


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