The neighboring planet to be inhabited

February 18, 2009, 10:33 am

the neighboring planet to be inhabited   Search for extraterrestrial life should start with the search ekzoplanet, the conditions under which a maximum close to the earth, as such, according to scientists, in space a lot. Moreover, already within thirty light-years from the solar system, astronomers expect to find several dozens of such objects. That statement was made at the annual symposium American Association for the Advancement of Science, where with such an optimistic speech officer of the Carnegie Institution (Carnegie Institution), Alan Boss.
He said, at a specified distance from the Earth so far discovered dozens of stars, the size and age, comparable to the Sun, and it is quite possible that more than half of them have a twin of Earth. This means that the chances of finding such a planet within ten, twenty or thirty light-years from us are very high.
The possible success of this event is associated with a new generation of telescopes, including the space. For example, the European machine CoRoT has detected a planet the size of just more than doubled our planet. Another promising orbital telescope is a device Kepler, developed by agency NASA, the possibility of which it is allowed to find small solid planets so-called terrestrial. Interestingly, many scientists today are not surprised the detection of such objects, but rather, their lack of even the nearest star systems.
As we have noted, namely, the search for such planets, scientists must search for extraterrestrial life. And although a reasonable life is unlikely to discover, there are excellent chances of finding terrestrial planets in the simplest type of microorganisms. Find similar communities living creatures and the planet is not so difficult - most of them should be in an atmosphere of such compounds as oxygen and methane. But the definition of a reasonable life - it is much more difficult, because if extraterrestrial civilizations will be the early stages of development, the study of planets in the radio can come to nothing lead.


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