Netbuki to occupy the market share in the face of crisis

October 20, 2008, 4:49 pm

netbuki to occupy the market share in the face of crisis   PC manufacturers are gambling game, as the popularity of affordable portable mini-notebook in the face of economic slowdown will offset any loss of traditional notebook sector. These small computers, called netbukami already led to the refusal of many consumers in their favor from polnofuktsionalnyh desktop or laptop computers, and because the market for such devices grows, it becomes a problem that can not be ignored.
Only 2 or 3 PC manufacturers such as ASUSTeK and Acer, have reached a sufficient scale production to achieve success in the emerging market of low-cost, Internet-based mini-laptops in the price ranges $ 400 - $ 600. But all producers who plan to sell laptop computers at a cost of more than $ 1000, will fail in this market, say analysts.
The market implies a rather fierce struggle - said Gartner analyst Lillian Tay (Lillian Tay). To succeed requires a large scale, here zarabatyvayutsya amounts of money.
Up to one third of all sales went to netbukov users replaced their old desktops and laptops, because they needed only to Internet surfing, checking the mailbox and viewing photos, remaining features are not required. There is a problem that these notebooks are available in a crisis will have pressure on traditional computers, and it can leave behind the largest computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard because of the decision to ignore this growing market.
The second-largest producer - the company Dell - also operates in this sector is not very active, releasing to the market a limited offer of weak advertising and promotion. But not only companies such as HP and Dell, will suffer. But ASUS, and Acer also experienced problems. While the margin from laptops and netbukov about the same, but the low price netbuka means that companies must sell a few more to get the same returns as the average laptop.
There are certain advantages because of low prices. This defines the market - said Calvin Huang, an analyst Daiwa Institute of Research. But Dell is not inclined to overestimate netbuki, arguing that it is only a small portion of the market. There is concern that the enhanced promotion could lead to a reduction in their traditional market shares.
sales netbukov Estimates vary, according to the forecast of iSuppli, they can reach 12% of the total market for laptops, reaching 235 million devices sold in 2012. IDC predicts that will not exceed 5%. Another way to increase sales is to attract buyers seeking second or third computer for home or for children. Gartner recently revised its forecast of sales of notebooks in 2009 to 3% from the previous level, presented in June partly because of netbukov, analysts added.
Only a few players who can quickly find and aggressively push the right set of consumer features, can succeed. ASUS and Acer are using joint action with Internet providers by offering attractive terms of access to the network, to ensure rapid growth in sales. Dell and Lenovo, as MSI, has also joined in the struggle in this market.
ASUS with its ruler Eee PC leader in the market netbukov with great profit. The company already prints 3-4 generation models, searching for an optimal balance of price and size. Meanwhile, Dell bumped to the barrier, at least in Taiwan, partly because of higher prices, reaching about $ 600, against $ 450 - $ 500 models from Acer and ASUS.
people like these devices because they face cheap, it is especially noticeable in the case of the first model line Eee PC. Also, they are buying the convenience, say analysts. Those who do not see this market really is, for example, HP, could miss many opportunities. On the other hand there is a perception that netbuki - this is nothing more than a temporary infatuation.
I rather pessimist. These devices are functionally very limited. Once people hold time with them and understand all the limitations inherent in them, they decide to buy a full-fledged computer - said IDC analyst Bryan Ma (Bryan Ma).


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