Netbuki receive more comprehensive hard drives

August 9, 2008, 5:58 pm

   Microsoft, apparently, was not on their own views of zhalostlivyh producers netbukov running Windows XP, as well as their users, bringing the corporation increased restriction on the maximum amount hard drives in devices of this class from 80 GB to 160 GB.
Using the new policy, Microsoft, the company announced the MSI 160 GB model of its netbuka Wind Notebook U100 at a price of about $ 580, and ASUS - Eee PC 1000H model with a similar amount of hard drive ($ 600).
Sources believe that increasing the capacity of hard disks will increase the demand for netbuki, although at the same time can adversely affect the sales of devices based on flash memory drives and fewer. However, they also added that much more important catalyst for increasing the popularity of this class of buyers would have no more hard drives, and increased productivity systems.
At the same time, Intel still continues to dictate the terms netbukov developers. This is particularly so for the size of the devices. According to the vendors, Intel controls more than 85% of the market netbukov, and therefore unlikely to be read at about from manufacturers who want to increase the size screens own products. At the moment, the corporation plans to implement a clear separation between the platforms and Atom Centrino on their market positioning and price/performance in order to correct the current erroneous view of cheap netbukov focus as a substitute for their full-fledged fellow.


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