Network of El Dorado came under the control of MTS

April 2, 2009, 2:34 pm

network of el dorado came under the control of mts   Press Service MTS has announced the purchase of firms El Dorado Center and stores Eldorado. 100% stake in the charter capital was acquired from the Cypriot companies Kilcherex Holdings Limited and Tenteco Limited. The cost of the transaction is valued at $ 22, 85 million, including the payment to sellers $ 5 million after 12 months if the performance of firms are consistent with the stated.
Now there are 383 Eldorado saloon provider in 153 cities of Russia. They sell not only phones, but other portable electronics. Also, the network enters into a contract for services.
At the completion of the transaction stores Eldorado under the control of the management company for retail business ITT - JSC RTC. The founder of a network Igor Yakovlev said that the agreement with MTS will reinforce the position of El Dorado in the Russian market.


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