New cooler Floston processors for Intel Core i7

April 8, 2009, 11:18 am

new cooler floston processors for intel core i7   The company Floston Electronic Enterprises introduced its new solution for cooling the processor Intel Core i7. The latest Intel processors are becoming more popular, especially among computer enthusiasts, and thus, the issue of quality cooling for them rises with increasing frequency.
Model FCI1366-108SC is designed to cool any modern processor series Intel Core i7 (920/940/965) in the staffing regime. Cooler uses a classic design with a copper core, the copper contact area and the large area of the scattering. Compared with the previous version of cooler ribs increased from 104 to 108, which further enhances heat transfer. This solution perfectly proved with the most hot processors Intel Core 2 Duo is well scaled and a more energy-efficient Core i7. A reliable rolling bearings ensures long work (up to 35 000 hours) without the noise and the beat.
Cooler uses a large 92 mm impeller fan with a high profile for the flow in 49, 6 CFM with noise level not exceeding 35 dB. Supported chetyrehkontaktny connector allows the motherboard to control the speed of rotation, and hence the fan noise in the 650 - 3000 rpm. At minimum speed cooler virtually besshumen.
The new solution Floston for Intel Core i7 processors will be on sale very soon.


• FCI1366-108SC
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