New details of Lost Planet 2

March 27, 2009, 12:48 pm

new details of lost planet 2   Capcom revealed a few secrets of the forthcoming sequel Lost Planet 2. According to a knowledgeable journalists in the game will no longer be a main character. Instead, the users will be able to create a soldier. Walking on a hostile terrain, you will now not alone, and in the company of four people, so that the draft has finally been vpleli cooperative passage. It turns out, the whole team will be a general indicator of health, which will have to constantly look.
Lost Planet 2 developers also tried to increase the magnitude of the events. Battle with the formidable enemy can be a variety of ways, using a large number of different tactics and techniques. Journalists say that there are monsters in the game the size of a three-storey building.
It is assumed that the Lost Planet 2 will be available only on Xbox 360, but we think it would announce later releases for other platforms.


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