New equipment from the HALO for the Korean war

November 21, 2008, 11:08 am

new equipment from the halo for the korean warnew equipment from the halo for the korean war 
new equipment from the halo for the korean war   The development of Asian countries are increasingly gaining momentum, a large and lucrative economy should be well protected. And for good protection currently operate in most countries the concept of armed soldiers is not appropriate, as has long been morally and physically obsolete. And who does not like South Korea the first Asian to begin the transition to advanced models of arms and military equipment. It also helps that the Korean peninsula are many technological research centers and factories producing electronics.
And now, South Korean Agency for Defense Development has decided to develop its own concept of equipping the armed forces, and next year plans to begin refurbishing the army to the new uniforms and weapons. Re-scheduled to take place in two stages:the replacement of weapons and the replacement of equipment and uniforms. What`s funny sketches of the new equipment and weapons is highly reminiscent of space-equipped soldiers from the game HALO.
The first stage can be achieved in the shortest possible time, as well as, more recently, Korean engineers have completed work on the newest model of individual firearms. This model has been already illuminated on the web site system XK-11, consisting of 5, 56-mm assault rifle, coupled with semi-20-mm grenade launchers, and opto-electronic sighting system. In the future, possible improvements of XK-11 launch mini-rockets, greatly expanding opportunities weapons.
The second stage is planned to equip Korean soldiers new modular equipment, consisting of kamuflirovannogo uniforms, flak jacket, helmet and a universal portable computer center. The helmet will be equipped with color virtual display, projected an image directly on protivooskolochnoe glass, a mini-camera and radio system. Kamuflirovannaya form must be ostuzhat soldier or warm, depending on weather conditions, have protection from shrapnel and lasers, as well as detect mines and resist chemical weapons. Flak jacket should have anti-protivooskolochnoy and protection, be easy and convenient, as well as the ability to deploy a majority of portable equipment and ammunition. Carried Center will be located behind the soldier and the system is equipped with GPS, a system for determining his/stranger and airborne command system or a system controlling all the smart uniforms entirely.
Will the South Korean scientists and engineers cope with a task is not yet known, but according to the Defense Agency representatives theoretical developments on the topic and technologies to begin to develop forward-looking gear and weapons from the Korean republic already have.
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