New features AutoCAD 2009:imports PDF and support for 3D-printing

December 4, 2008, 3:44 pm

new features autocad 2009:imports pdf and support for 3d-printing   The company Autodesk introduced two new package of improvements to the latest version of AutoCAD 2009. They are distributed among the participants in the program subscription (Autodesk Subscription) and available for free download.
The first package of improvements added in AutoCAD 2009 import files PDF. Users can use these files to download as a background layer. In doing so, you can manage display layers, as well as move, rotate, and scale the PDF-layer. The second improvement, which deals with working with PDF, is related to the preservation of the drawings in this format. Now supported reducing the size of the file, as well as work with fonts TrueType.
The second package of improvements to the program adds support for three-dimensional printers. By setting this Bonus Pack, users can directly from the program to connect to providers, service providers 3D-press (in particular, RedEye, and Z Corporation), as well as print model for his own three-dimensional printer.


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