New game in the Fallout series goes to Las Vegas

April 23, 2009, 8:38 pm

new game in the fallout series goes to las vegas   At a special press conference in London, the company Bethesda Softworks announced a new part of Fallout, which would act to unfold on the ruins of Las Vegas.
The project is called Fallout:New Vegas and a studio Obsidian Entertainment, which is developing a RPG such as Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic II, and Alpha Protocol. At this point it is almost all the available information on the subject.
Gamasutra, recalling the words Pita Hynes (Pete Hines) from Bethesda, said that it will be a full product in the series, rather than Fallout Tactics/Brotherhood Of Steel. On the plans of Bethesda this release does not affect, because the developers have managed to shift the care to continue on the shoulders of the other studios.
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