New GPU from ARM - Class Xbox games on my mobile phone

March 26, 2009, 8:44 am

new gpu from arm - class xbox games on my mobile phone 
new gpu from arm - class xbox games on my mobile phone   According to the representatives of ARM, graphics chips and the Mali-200 Mali-400 will allow to run on mobile phones, game consoles of today. As promised the developers, the first phones with the graphics to appear by the end of the year.
The first swallow was the model of LG Renoir graphics chip with the first generation of Mali-55. However, in spite of the high performance chip with Flash and video, support for shaders in Mali-55 was not implemented. Graphics processors and Mali-200 Mali-400 will work with the API OpenGL ES 2. And 0, respectively, to support pixel and vertex shaders, Flash and Java. Mali-200 operates at a frequency of 100 MHz, and the Mali-400 may include up to 4 cores with a clock speed of 300 MHz.
In what phone models are used, these chips still unknown, but a number of companies (LG, Motorola, Pantech, Samsung, and others) are already licensed to use them in their vehicles.


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