The new program uses the possibility of NVIDIA CUDA

April 16, 2009, 6:59 am

the new program uses the possibility of nvidia cuda   The technology NVIDIA CUDA, which allows to use the power of graphics processor for negraficheskih computing is becoming increasingly popular among software developers. Constantly there are new applications that use the capabilities of technology NVIDIA CUDA.
So, LoiLo company has released a new version of software for video editing Super LoiLoScope MARS, which makes the editing of high definition movies available for the ordinary user. Using graphics processor GPU NVIDIA GeForce based on CUDA technology enables Super LoiLoScope MARS create videos up to 10 times faster than when working on the CPU. Thus, the declining value of the PC, the ability to work with high-definition video.
The company introduced the plug-ArcSoft ArcSoft SimHD for its universal multimedia player for high definition content ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre. SimHD uses ArcSoft, which enhances the quality of video recordings of many standard definition to the level of HD (High Definition). SimHD performs this work with the help of parallel computing architecture of NVIDIA CUDA significantly faster than with the handle CPU.
Another new application that uses the NVIDIA CUDA - MotionDSP vReveal from MotionDSP. This program is designed to eliminate problems frequently encountered in the home video. MotionDSP vReveal rapidly eliminates tremor, darkness, noise, lubrication and other shortcomings of amateur video.


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