New screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII

October 23, 2008, 7:55 am

new screenshots of final fantasy xiiinew screenshots of final fantasy xiiinew screenshots of final fantasy xiii 
new screenshots of final fantasy xiii   In the next issue of Japanese magazine Shonen Jump published extensive material on the game Final Fantasy XIII by Square Enix. There mass beautiful illustrations and, most importantly, there is neozvuchennaya prior information about the project. In particular, developers cited the name of the mysterious blonde, appears in the trailer. It turns out that his name is Snow.
It is a pity, but all other details of the project so far kept a big secret. Is not known whether Final Fantasy XIII in the same radical departure from the old mechanics of Final Fantasy XII, or vice versa authors return to the classic pattern of fighting and promotion story. Certainly we can say only that the project would be very nice.
  • New screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII.


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