The new sensor solve the problem of creating a quantum computer

September 10, 2008, 6:03 pm

the new sensor solve the problem of creating a quantum computer   Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found ways to overcome the major obstacles for the creation of superfast quantum computers that can be a powerful tool for solving such problems such as hacking code.
One approach involves the use of superconductivity elements that are in conditions close to absolute zero (-273 ° C), they can behave like artificial atoms (nanoblokam in which electrons are in certain discrete energy levels). But traditional methods of determining the properties of atoms and molecules can not always be easily applied to the artificial atoms. And now a way to fill that gap.
Characteristics energy levels is the foundation for understanding and constructing any device at the atomic level. Newton showed that sunlight may be dispersed in the range of colors, where each color represents different levels of energy. This follows from the analysis that the atom responds to different frequencies of light and other electromagnetic radiation - a method known as spectroscopy. But artificial atoms have the energy levels corresponding to a wide range of frequencies - from tens to hundreds of gigahertz. What makes the use of spectroscopy expensive and complex.
Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed an additional technique called spectroscopy amplitude. It allows you to characterize the quantum objects on a large frequency ranges. A better understanding of superconducting structures can accelerate the development of quantum computers. Each artificial atom can function as qubits (qubit), which may be in different energy states simultaneously. What does the absence of clear provisions of 1 and 0, there will be a combination of the two states.
Amplitudnaya spectroscopy collects information on the superconducting artificial atom through research reaction to the impact of one fixed frequency. The sensor makes the atom to commit energy conversions. Adjustment of the amplitude of the source of constant frequency provides almost an infinite number of transitions between energy levels of atoms. In response to artificial radiation atom probe gives an image interference. For each level of energy they have their appearance, playing the role of original fingerprints.


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