A new series from Buffalo with SSD PATA ports and USB

April 24, 2009, 7:36 am

a new series from buffalo with ssd pata ports and usba new series from buffalo with ssd pata ports and usb 
a new series from buffalo with ssd pata ports and usb   For the devices with the old Parallel ATA interface Buffalo Japanese company introduced a new line of SSD-drives SHD-NPUM Series. New items are different universality and, in addition to PATA, also equipped with a common USB port 2. 0, which significantly expands the range of potential buyers.
The new series includes models with capacities 32, 64, 128 and 224 GB. All of them are designed based on MLC NAND chips and, according to internal company tests, provide the speed of reading with sequential access more than 82 Mbps.
In with the new producer offers a set of useful software, including Acronis MigrateEasy, True Image LE, DiskDirector LE and Drive Cleanser. Price 32 -, 64 -, 128 and 224-GB model is $ 143, $ 245, $ 439 and $ 766 respectively. They supply to the market of Japan to start at the very beginning of next month.
At last, recall that in the range of Buffalo already have SSD-drives with two interfaces - SATA and USB.


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