New Standard for fleshek MMC/e-MMC

April 17, 2009, 8:29 am

new standard for fleshek mmc/e-mmcnew standard for fleshek mmc/e-mmc 
new standard for fleshek mmc/e-mmc   The organization JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, is developing standards in the field of microelectronic devices, announced the publication of the specification JESD84-A44 MMC version 4. 4. The new standard is aimed at further development of flash memory card format MMC/e-MMC (Embedded MMC).
Since its introduction in late 2006, e-MMC card found successful application in a wide variety of devices, consumer electronics, navigation systems and other industrial applications. e-MMC embedded systems is a nonvolatile memory chip that combines flash memory and controller that allows the release of the host CPU from low-level operations, memory management, as well as to simplify the interface design of applications. Due to small BGA-shells and the low energy e-MMC memory chips are being used successfully in mobile devices.
Standard MMC v4. 4 provides for doubling the capacity of the interface as compared to the predecessor. Maximum data transfer rate can reach 104 megabytes per second, whereas the previous version of the specification is characterized by speeds of up to 52 Mbps. If there was backwards compatibility of devices with the new interface with older products.
Also under the new JEDEC standard introduced a flexible management system partitions, which can increase performance and reliability for certain areas of the drive.
Added some improvements in terms of security, including improved management of protected records, submission of a secure access control to a block of memory and secure deletion of data. Feature Replay Protected Memory Block (RPMB) provides access to portions of data in memory using the hidden key security that helps protect critical data programs, as well as provide protection from copying. New Operation Secure Erase Secure Trim guarantees physically remove data from memory, preventing, thus, the subsequent recovery of the unauthorized information.
The document fully describing the new standard can be downloaded from the official site of JEDEC.


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