A new tool for creating ads from Google

April 17, 2009, 6:20 am

a new tool for creating ads from google   Google has announced the launch of the Editor of media ads (Google Ad Builder) in Russia. This is - easy to use tool that allows any advertiser on the Google Adwords advertising design media for their individual needs. Advertising can be filled with text, picture and company logo. The new service allows you to create an ad, the entire format of the content network in Google, including ads placed inside video and computer games.
Editor media ad suggests:
  • Choose from 40 professionally designed templates;
  • Ability to individually configure the text, images, color number and logo;
  • Using the model of paying"per click"(CPC) or per thousand impressions (CPM);
  • Instruments for measuring the effectiveness of media advertising, including the total number of impressions, clicks, cost and number of conversions for each site, which appeared advertising.
To begin to create a media ads, just log in to your AdWords account and select a bookmark editor media ads on the Ad Groups in a new or already existing campaign. From the Campaign Management section click on the appropriate link to create a campaign targeted to the context or placements.


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