A new trailer and screenshots Alan Wake

October 23, 2008, 7:48 am

a new trailer and screenshots alan wakea new trailer and screenshots alan wakea new trailer and screenshots alan wake 
a new trailer and screenshots alan wake   As previously, in conjunction with the premiere of the feature film Max Payne took issue new trailer video games Alan Wake. If the film does not get very good, the movie is rather interesting, especially considering that on this project were not heard nearly a year. Unfortunately, the exact date of release has not yet named. But now we can reflect on the more mysterious plot, which is likely to be stronger than in the TV series LOST.
As an added bonus, offer a couple of excellent screenshots of the toys.

Recall that Alan Wake should be the first sandbox of the famous studio Rockstar. You can travel the vast locations, go by car, walk around the forest to talk with NPC, etc.
  • New screenshots and video Alan Wake.


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