New Trojan-extortioner want to send a paid SMS

April 13, 2009, 8:27 pm

new trojan-extortioner want to send a paid sms   The company Doctor Web, provides information about a new Trojan program, which is when you start your computer prompts you to enter a registration code to register the alleged unlicensed copies of Windows. To receive a registration code required to pay to send SMS-message.
In recent years, the number of malware-extortionists demanding to send SMS-messages to gain access to the system or the user`s documents. 8 April, 2009 virus analysts of Doctor Web, has received another sample program, which is distributed in the form of fake codecs and when you start Windows, it displays a message to send an SMS with the text to unlock access to the system.
Trojan. Winlock has a feature that allows it to delete itself after 2 hours after launch. For those who do not want to wait for the experts of the company Doctor Web, produced a special form, which you can enter text, the expected sms-messages and receive unlock code.
The company Doctor Web, once again encourages users not to fall for the ploy virusopisateley by sending them the requested SMS.


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