New version of the service cards 2. 0 of Mail. Ru

November 21, 2008, 7:59 pm

new version of the service cards 2. 0 of mail. ru   Beta version of the draft maps @ Mail. Ru 2. 0 opened for public testing. Apart from maps at the new site has satellite images of terrain, available relevant information on traffic jams and more. In the near future, third-party developers will be offered API, designed to create your own map services.
The new engine allows the project to provide information on all the cities of the world, so coverage Maps @ Mail. Ru will be continuously expanded. Currently Maps @ Mail. Ru already available topical - at the autumn of 2008 - maps of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Leningrad regions. The latter is unique in that has the details - in provincial cities - up to one house. In the near future will map of Russia.
C through the service could be measured as the distance between objects, and their area. In addition to schematic, users Maps @ Mail. Ru proposed satellite image area (data provided SkanEks) and the quality and quantity of images will improve. Coming soon to view maps in hybrid mode - satellite circuit.
Also, visitors to the new version of the draft available current information on traffic jams on roads in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It should be noted that the data is updated dynamically without restarting the page - it increases the convenience and speed of service. In the near future it will be the total busy roads.
information about traffic jams is also available to holders of mobile devices - across Java, Symbian or Windows Mobile-client. Program Maps @ Mail. Ru spends frugally traffic, displays the map in 3D-friendly form, suggests the possibility of construction, storage routing, and much more. Currently, the mobile client is also in beta status and constantly evolving.
Partners Map @ Mail. Ru on the new service was the company TIM (brand City Guide). The data on traffic jams are provided on the basis of information received from motorists who have established on their mobile device program from MIT Ltd. or mobile client Maps @ Mail. Ru. To date, in St. Petersburg Ltd. MIT processes information from tens of thousands of devices in Moscow - with a few thousand, with each day in both cities are connected hundreds of new users.
is worth noting that Card @ Mail. Ru work comfortably and netbukah - Pages service specially adapted for the correct and user-friendly display of information on a device of this type.
In the future, Maps API @ Mail. Ru will allow third-party sites to create their own pages mapping services with more capabilities. In addition to placing any fragments of maps with the project Mail. Ru, it will be possible to observe and provide text objects visually connect them with each other, etc.


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